Two styles of taping are available at Therapy Masters: Rigid Sports Taping, and Kinseotaping/Rocktaping.

Rigid Sports Taping is applied to the joints of the body to provide support and stability to problem areas. Taping is applied in such a way as to limit range of motion of the particular joint being taped. Taping is tailored to the client's specific needs, sporting requirements and anatomical involvement. Taping aims to aid injury recovery, reduce the risk of both initial injury and re-injury and provide peace of mind to the sportsperson being taped.

Kinseotaping/Rocktaping is a functional style of taping that allows the body to heal while still undertaking day-to-day activities. Rocktaping can be utilised to reduce pain, decrease swelling, increase performance and athlete confidence.

At Therapy Masters Lisa is an experienced Sports Trainer who has completed the Sports Trainer Level One (2001) and Advanced Taping (2002) courses through Sports Medicine Australia. Lisa has also attended Ron Alexander's Functional Fascial Taping (FFT) workshop (2008), and is a qualified RockDoc with RockTape (2014). To discuss your taping needs please phone our Canberra clinic on 6247 0662.