Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment that improves qi flow and circulation.

Cupping is the placing of a closed container where a partial vacuum has been created, on the skin for medicinal purposes. Originally the cups were made from animal horn but they are now made from bamboo, plastic or glass. The vacuum is created in the cup, when a flame is placed within the cup, then quickly removed as the cup is placed on the skin. The quicker this occurs, the greater the amount of suction is retained in the cup. The vacuum inside the cup allows for negative pressure suction to draw up the underlying tissues in to the cup, and forms an area of blood stasis (bruise).

The cup may be left in place for between 3 to 10 minutes. Where the blood stasis/bruise is formed localised healing occurs The application time is adjusted according to the strength of the vacuum inside the cup. The cup may be left in a stationary position or moved with the assistance of oil (applied prior to the cup). The cup needs to be removed when the skin has gone a reddish/purple colour. If the skin has not gone red after 5 minutes, the treatment is not considered successful. The quicker the skin turns red, the better the prognosis.

Sliding Cupping is used to treat blood stagnation and pain in large areas of thick musculature. Single Cups are applied for specific areas of tenderness and point stimulation, while Multiple Cups are used for disorders of a larger area (e.g. along a muscle strain). Rapid Cupping benefits areas of local numbness and atrophy.

Overall the purpose of Cupping  is to relax muscles, warm the tissue, promote the flow of qi and circulation, dispel cold and dampness (TCM terms), and reduce swelling and pain. Cupping is considered to be one of the best types of deep tissue treatment available.

Amanda is certified in Cupping. Cupping can be added to any Remedial massage booked with her.

You can only also receive 15 mins of Cupping, as a stand alone treatment, for just $40

Please phone the clinic on 6247 0662 if you would like to experience this TCM treatment.