Hot Stone Massage incorporates the use of smooth, heated stones in to a Relaxation Massage routine. The stones are naturally formed minerals and are generally volcanic (basalt), granite or marble in composition. These types of stones are chosen due to their ability to absorb and retain heat easily.

Since ancient times Hot Stones and rocks have been used by various cultures for healing. Hot Stone therapies evolved as the benefit of the heated stones was realised. Stones were taken from river beds warmed by a hot sun, placed in fires or heated in boiling water before being placed directly on the body or used as a massage tool.

Throughout northern Europe heated rocks have been used for centuries to heat saunas, while Native Americans utilised them in their traditional sweat lodge ceremonies. Throughout Asia the stones were incorporated with traditional medicine and placed along the meridian channels to promote healing, while the Hawaiians integrated lava (basalt) rocks in to their Lomi Lomi massage – using rough stones to exfoliate the skin and smooth ones to massage with.

Today, for Hot Stone Massage we use smooth, heated stones. It is the radiant heat and pressure of the stone that enables a Hot Stone Massage to be more effective than a general relaxation treatment.

A Hot Stone Massage:

  • Warms the skin and increases circulation,
  • Promotes movement of fluids in the lymphatic system,
  • Improves the movement of blood and nutrients throughout the body,
  • Assists with the removal of waste products from the body,
  • Promotes healing,
  • Decreases Pain, &
  • Relaxes tight/tense muscles

Amanda and Janus are our Hot Stone Massage Practitioners. To treat yourself to a Hot Stone massage simply phone 6247 0662.

(Please note: Due to the heat from the stones, the elimination of waste products may be accelerated and it is recommended that at least a glass of water be drunk before and after this treatment.)