Massage therapy during Pregnancy can be a valuable way for an expectant mum to tune in to her body and her needs during this special time. As the weight of the baby increases the mother's body adapts, shifts and changes to accommodate the growing baby. It is these musculoskeletal changes that often result in soft tissue dysfunction, aches, pains and swelling.

Normally Massage Therapy is allowed from conception through to the labour/birth. However if you have a history of miscarriage or other health concerns (such as morning sickness) Massage Therapy may be contraindicated (not allowed) during the first trimester. When you phone for a Pregnancy Massage at Therapy Masters we will ask how many weeks pregnant you are and if you have had any problems or complications during your Pregnancy. We ask these questions to ensure we are providing you with the highest care possible. If we have any concerns we may ask to speak to your other Medical Practitioners.

We are more than happy to liaise with your medical team (GP, Obstetrician, Birth Centre, Doula etc) to provide you with highest level of service and care that we can.

Generally speaking:

  • Remedial Massage therapy is not applied to the lower back or pelvis during any stage of pregnancy.
  • Trigger point techniques are also not applied to the feet and lower legs of our Mums-to-be.
  • As the Pregnancy develops our Mums-to-be normally find themselves unable to lie facedown. We have adapted our rountines to work with them in a sidelying position. We provide them with a range of pillows and bolsters on the Massage table to ensure their ease and comfort.
  • We have electric massage tables which allow clients ease of movement on and off the table. 
  • We also bolster under the right hip (tips the Mum-to-be to her left) when she is lying on their back, during the last trimester of the pregnancy. This allows for greater comfort for both mother and baby.

Please feel free to phone us on 6247 0662 to discuss your Pregnancy Massage needs. 

Amanda, Janus and Lisa are all experienced with Pregnancy Massage.