Do you compete in a sport at an elite level? Are you gearing up for a big event? Or are you just trying to get a little fitter and spending more time in the gym? Did you know that a sports massage may give you the edge that you've been looking for?

Sports Massage combines both Relaxation and Remedial Massage techniques. Sports Massage can give athletes and sportspeople the advantage over their competitors, providing them with improved preformance and reduced risk of injury.

Sports Massage is tailored to each individual sportsperson, their training regime, level of competition, and sport specificity. Sports Massage is often employed to reduce recovery time between training sessions or competitive events. It also plays a vital role during injury management and can see a player back on the field/court/track faster than a fellow sportsperson who hasn't received any soft tissue treatment. Sports Massage can also play a role in the psychological preparation of the competitor, and can form a cornerstone of their training regime.

Lisa has extensive experience working with sports injuries and athletes.  

To book in for a Sports Massage with Lisa please phone the clinic on 6247 0662.