Foam Rollers are another great device to assist with self massage and reduction of muscle pain and spasm.

We are currently stocking one Foam Rollers from Lockeroom Sports.

The Big Daddy Roller which has a diameter of 14cm, and has a rigid, plastic core and a layer of patterned rubber around the rim.

Price $45

We are currently selling a selection of Lockeroom Sports Foam Rollers at REDUCED prices!


90cm Foam Roller is $20


Offer available while stock lasts



We are currently out of stock

We are currently out of stock

We are currently out of stock

The Original Pocket Physio from Lockeroom Sports is a small resin prism. It was developed by physiotherapists to help relieve muscle tension and trigger points.


Manage your soft tissue pain and tension by using a Pocket Physio in your self massage routine. It’s the perfect size to carry in your pocket or bag!

Choose from a range of colours: blue, purple, yellow, green, or red

Price $10

Pocket Physio MAX has ALL the benefits of the original is approximately THREE times the size!

We have Red pocket Physio MAXES in stock.

Price $20 each