The Footeez is as a Self Massage tool designed for the feet and iliotibial band (ITB) of the outer thigh.

The Footeez has been specifically shaped to target these two problem areas.

Add it in to your regular stretching and self massage routine to aid the release of the muscle and fascial tissue in these areas.

Regular use will aid the reduction of pain and ongoing symptoms in these areas.

Price $40

The TE Twister is the one of the newest products from Lockeroom Sports.

TE in the title stands for Tennis Elbow. It will equally assist with Golfer's elbow issues or forearm problems as well.

The TE Twister has been designed to assist with the rehab and recovery of elbow and forearm injuries.

The TE Twister resembles a long bike handle, with a central section that allows for a twisting motion, when it is held at each end.

It can be used to contract-relax forearm and elbow muscle groups or it can also be used as a rolling self massage tool.

Price $45