Epsom Salts are an ancient remedy who's benefits are now being backed by modern science. Epsom Salts are primarily composed of magnesium and sulfate: two minerals that are essential for biochemical functioning in your body, as they play a role in regulating enzyme functioning and the formation of proteins. Medicinally Epsom Salts assist with the easing of muscular aches and pains, helping to fade bruising and heal insect bites and sunburn. Epsom Salts are best added to bath water, before a long soak, or can be applied in a compress or foot bath.

Epsom Salts are only $5 per bag (bagged weight approx 500 grams)

Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the last salts left in the world that contain all of the trace elements that humans need. Himalayan Pink contains 84 essential minerals and has a composition of 85% sodium chloride and 15% trace minerals. It is a fantastic source of magnesium (which up to 80% of the population is often deficient in).

Himalayan Pink promotes a healthy cellular pH, and helps to regulate blood sugar levels and assists the body maintain it's natural sleep cycle.

Himalayan Pink Salt are only $8 per bag (bagged weight approx 500 grams)