Our Pricing Structure was implemented in 2013 to reflect the level of experience of our team.


We offer three pricing options:

Our Senior Practitioners have over FIVE years of clinical experience and are qualified in a range of modalities.

They are our most valued experts and a 60 minute treatment with a Senior Practitioner is priced at $109/hour.


Our Practitioners have less than FIVE years of clinical experience. They are the most recently graduated and are up-to-date with all of the latest techniques.

Often our Practitioners have been mentored at Therapy Masters during their course of study.

A 60 minute treatment with a Practitioner is priced at $99/hour.


Our Relaxation Practitioners are fully qualified practitioners who have achieved their Certificate IV in Massage Therapy.

A 60 minute treatment with a Relaxation Practitioner is $89/hour.


Hot Stone Massages have an additional $20 fee due to the specialised training required by our Practitioners to receive these qualifications and the additional preparation and clean up required before and after your arrival.


There is also a Sunday Surcharge of $10 per treatment, for all treatments booked on a Sunday.