Our experience has shown that most people benefit from having a massage about every 4 weeks.

What usually happens is that someone will start having massage treatments, particularly Remedial treatments, when they have a problem like regular headaches, or back pain, or they've suffered an injury.

What we normally recommend is that you have several treatments close together, say one a week for 3 weeks, or fortnightly appointments for two months to get the problem under control.

This is obviously dependent on the type of problem/injury that you have, your schedule and how much money and time you are able to invest in your recovery.

After the initial series of intensive treatments, we will step your treatments out until your natural maintenance period (that "magical" one a month described above) is reached.

So if you were having weekly treatments, we would then step your appointments out to once a fortnight, and then to one a month.

Some people may have a slightly longer (say one treatment every 6-8 weeks), or shorter (one treatment every 2-3 weeks) maintenance period than others.

This is a very individualised need and is dependent on the lifestyle of the individual, their stress levels and coping mechanisms, as well as the type of work that they do.

We also all go through periods which are more hectic and stressful than other times, and appointments may need to be increased during these periods.

General stressors that may have an effect include: excessive gardening, moving house, working overtime or long hours of travel.