Our Story:

‘It’s not surprising, that I’ve ended up in the Health Industry,’ shares our Managing Director, Lisa Allmey-LaMaitre. ‘Growing up Mum took care of all our family’s illnesses and injuries with practical care, love and positivity. If and when we did go to the doctor, it felt like we were getting a second opinion, as Mum already knew what was wrong.’

‘I was first introduced to alternative ways of healing at the age of 7. Mum chose to take me to an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor for chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis. The treatment was successful, halting the need for me to have any surgery. This experience opened my beliefs that healing occurs in many ways and from a range of sources.’

‘My professional journey has seen me move from a traditional scientific background, to now being a Healer who is gentle and fluid. After 20 years in the Health Industry I believe that people need to be educated about how their bodies work, and empowered to trust their inner wisdom when it comes to their own healing. We would see entirely different health outcomes if people took responsibility for their own health and wellness.’

‘I am very proud of what we have achieved at Therapy Masters. My original one woman show has grown to a team of dedicated Practitioners, now offering a range of modalities, while being open 6 days a week. We have over 6,500 clients in our database and we continue to grow as we help more and more people feel well.’

‘There are still more dreams to be fulfilled at Therapy Masters. We look forward to continuing our journey with you.’


Our Philosophy:

We are people focused.

Our clients’ health and wellness is our first priority.

We provide a team of qualified Massage and Allied Health Practitioners who deliver Professional Health Services to our client base.

We tailor ALL of our treatments, to best meet our client’s needs, on the day of their treatment.

We share our knowledge and expertise to assist our clients gain a better understanding of how their body works.

We always aim to explain medical and scientific terms in simple language.


Our Space:

Therapy Masters began as a home based clinic in December 1997. In July 2004 we opened in to commercial premises in Canberra City. We have been located in Canberra City for over 13 years.

Therapy Masters is centrally located in Canberra City, on the first floor of the King O’Malley’s building. The clinic has been specifically designed as a treatment centre for Massage and Well-Being Therapies. In 2013 we completed a full refurbishment of our City premises. Our spacious treatment rooms are each fitted with electric treatment tables and dimmable lights. Our new decor is calm and sophisticated. The ancient principles of Feng Shui have also been encompassed to further enhance the clinic's ambiance, resulting in a space that is relaxing, calming and nurturing.